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With recent advances in contact lens technology, most people can now be successfully fitted for contact lenses. Whether it be contact lenses for extended wear or maybe just for sport or social reasons, the wide range of options available means there will be a contact lens to meet your needs.

The Spectacle Site offers a large range of contact lenses to suit your visual and lifestyle needs. Daily disposable lens wear is great for occasional use like sports or for a social outing. The extended wear monthly disposables allow you to wear the same pair of lenses for 30 days and nights. With multifocal contact lenses you can return to seeing up close for mundane everyday tasks like using your smartphone & reading.

To ensure your eyes are suitable for contact lenses, our Optometrists will provide a thorough assessment of your vision and eye health before discussing the most suitable option with you. Your eyes will then be fitted with lenses & instructions will be provided to you concerning contact lens handling and care. Follow-up care is always provided and encouraged to ensure your eyes stay healthy, comfortable and seeing clearly when wearing the lenses.

Our Contact Lens Brands include:

  • • Alcon
  • • Cooper Vision
  • • Bausch & Lomb
  • • Johnson & Johnson
  • • Ciba Vision
  • • Gelflex