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We believe that not all lenses are created equally and in our opinion we only offer the best lenses available on the market. We use some of the world leading manufacturers and innovators of lenses and lens technology all with the aim to ensure you receive the best available lenses for your eye health. We proudly use prescription lens and laboratory services from Essilor, Nikon, Hoya & Zeiss.


We have all types of lenses suitable for your specific vision needs including:

·  Single Vision Lenses – Near

·  Single Vision Lenses - Distance

·  Progressive or Multifocal Lenses

·  Bi-Focal Lenses

·  Computer Lenses

·  Transition Lenses

·  Polarizing Lenses

·  Safety Lenses


Lens Materials

·    Standard plastic – the most common material used. Suitable for full rimmed frames.

·    Polycarbonate – a thinner, lighter and stronger material than standard plastic. Suitable for Rimless, Semi-Rimless, Children’s frames & Safety frames.

·    Hi-index – thinner and lighter than polycarbonate, often recommended for higher prescriptions. Suitable for most frame styles


Lens Coatings

·    Scratch-resistant – standard on all plastic lenses today

·    Super Tough Coating – standard on some lenses, and available as an add-on for others, this provides additional scratch resistance for your lenses

·    Anti-reflection or Multicoating, reduces the surface reflections from the lenses, with the effect of improving vision clarity, reducing glare and providing added scratch resistance.

·    Mirror – used on some sunglasses to provide additional glare protection


Lens Tinting

·    Photosensitive – These types of lenses start off clear and when they are exposed to UV they turn to a dark tint. We use the world’s leading photosensitive lens, Transitions.

·    Polarising – a sunglass lens providing additional anti-glare properties.

·    Standard tints – available in many colours and can be colour matched.


Our team will be more than happy to discuss the many options available and help you choose the best lens and lens treatment for your eye health.